Kid-Approved FroYo Fruit Cups

A few weeks ago Oliver was asking to go to the frozen yogurt shop. With pretty much everywhere shutdown, we decided to make our own version for us to enjoy on these warm summer days! Oliver loves to help out in the kitchen with whatever we are doing, so with aprons on and spoons in hand we got to work! Here’s our super easy summer time favorite!

The Breakdown:

-Greek Yogurt (we used vanilla flavor)
-Fruit (we used pineapple, strawberries, raspberries, & blueberries)
-Cupcake liners/cups
-Cupcake tray
-Popsicle sticks (optional, but makes it easier for kids to hold)

Step 1: Line cupcake trays with liners/cups
Step 2: Scoop yogurt into each cup
Step 3: Add fruit of your choice to each cup. Get creative! 
Step 4: Cover with plastic wrap & freeze overnight. 
(Optional: add popsicle sticks half way through freezing process) 
Step 5: Enjoy! 

*We’ve made these in both the standard cupcake trays and the mini cupcake trays. I’ve found that the kids were able to finish the minis before they began to melt as opposed to making a huge mess trying to finish the standard size cups. 

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