Activity: One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

With Dr. Seuss Day coming up next Tuesday, I wanted to bring a little activity inspiration to anyone looking for fun and easy crafts to celebrate with their kids! Dr. Seuss Day is such a fun day to celebrate, and especially with toddlers. Between the goofy stories and funny illustrations, the kids love Dr. Seuss [...]

What They Wore

The kids love dressing themselves so letting them choose their outfits on holidays is something that's not only fun, but hysterical! This year I’ve decided to give them a few different options instead of just letting them go crazy. This gives me somewhat of a say in what they wear. Pick your battles, am I [...]

Playroom Organization

In the theme of Spring Cleaning, I decided to dive into actually organizing the kids playroom. After a year of quarantine and accumulating so much stuff to keep these kids entertained, our playroom had become a total disaster zone and an absolute nightmare. For the longest time I just threw stuff in baskets or bins [...]