Top 5 Gifts for Three Year Olds

With Emmie’s third birthday coming up in a few days (I know, CRAZY), I decided it would be fun to round up some of our favorite ideas for birthday gifts for three year olds. Some of these are gifts we’ve received and loved, others are ones that we’ve given to friends over the past few years. Either way they’ve all been a hit!


Little hands love to manipulate and figure new things out, that’s why we’ve always used puzzles as a go-to gift! I love the Crocodile Creek Floor Puzzles for their vivid colors, fun designs, and large pieces that are easy for little hands to fit together.

Find some here.

Dress Up Trunk

Emmie loves to play pretend and dress up. Lately she won’t leave the house without her tutu and purse! These dress up kits are easy to store, fun to play with, and durable. We’ve had one for a few months now and just got another one for Emmie’s birthday. They’re one of our favorite gifts for our imaginative and creative friends!

Find some here.

Pretend Play

Melissa and Doug is one of our favorite toy brands. Their pretend play kits are the best gift ideas for little ones who want to explore the possibilities of who they’ll become when they grow up. The kids have loved this vet set and the dogs don’t mind being their patients either!

Find some here.


Almost every little kid enjoys playing pretend with baby dolls. Emmie and Ollie both have loved playing “Moms and Dads” with their little babies and all of the accessories they’ve come home with!

Find some here.

Arts & Crafts

Trying to entertain multiple kids at a time all day long can be exhausting, so when I’m able to find an easy craft to keep them busy and occupied while I sit down for a few minutes is a life saver. Friends have loved getting these little arts and crafts activities and all my kids have enjoyed creating masterpieces!

Find some here.

Mamas: What have been some of your favorite gifts for three year olds over the years? We are always looking for new fun ideas so drop a comment below to let us know!

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