Farm Sensory Bin

We are back again with another Sensory Bin! The kids have been really into farm animals the past few weeks. With Oliver on Spring Break I decided to put together a week of farm-themed activities to keep them occupied! This week I’ll be adding a few different farm-themed activities to the Blog so stay tuned for those! To start us off, here’s our Farm Sensory Bin!

Here’s our Farm Sensory Bin:

  • Kinetic Sand: Oliver chose the green sand for this bin which worked out has his “pasture” for all the animals! Find some here.
  • Animals: We have a bunch of different farm animals. Some are Little People (they came with this awesome barn that the kids LOVE). Others are Schleich that we have collected from Target, Amazon, Tractor Supply, and Wilco over the last year or so. We also used some of these Melissa & Doug toys, too!
  • Trucks: We got Oliver these John Deere trucks when he was a younger and he still loves to roll them around. The tractor and harvester worked great for this bin!

The Breakdown:

You should know the drill by now! Grab your box, throw in your base, and add all your animals & toys! Enjoy some peace and quiet Mama!

Just so you know, by shopping through my links I receive a small commission from some of the brands I work with. Happy Shopping!

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