A Fun Announcement!

I am so excited to announce that I am officially an affiliate for Kindred Bravely! I have loved this brand since I was first pregnant with Oliver and I am so excited to be able to share their products with all of you! Kindred Bravely is a maternity and postpartum company that puts moms first. From maternity leggings and tops, to hospital bag must-haves, to mom-friendly (and cute) nursing and postpartum clothes, they have everything a new mom or mom-to-be needs all in one place.

I can personally vouch to how soft and comfortable their clothes are. Not only do they make me look good, but they make me feel good. And as a new mom, feeling good is a huge deal! Being confident in my own skin is something that I struggled with immensely when I was going through my first pregnancy and into my first season of postpartum. My body was changing in ways I never thought were even possible and it was hard to feel confident whenever I looked in the mirror. Nothing seemed to fit right, and when it did it wasn’t even comfortable! That’s when I was late-night scrolling on Instagram and stumbled upon Kindred Bravely. I browsed through their website and figured why not try them out? The first pair of leggings came and I was in love. Not only were they comfy and soft, but they were flattering and worked with my changing body, not against it. I was hooked! I immediately ordered another pair and added on some nursing bras.

As I said, they put moms first. They genuinely care able making sure we are comfortable, confidant, and feel supported (and not just from your bra!). Their KindredMamas group is an online community of other moms and professionals that share the values of the brand.

“KindredMamas embody the core values of Kindred Bravely: we are grateful, generous, encouraging, and brave, and we are passionate about supporting, encouraging, and celebrating each other in our pregnancy, breastfeeding, and parenting journeys.”

KindredMamas: Building a Village

This really resonated with me, especially when I look back at why I started Embrace the Chaos. I began this blog to inspire and to be inspired by other moms out there who were going through this wild journey of parenting. I wanted to form a community where moms could come and know that they aren’t alone and where they will always feel supported. It takes a village and after this past year, many of those villages have moved online. Finding your village is one of the most important things to do as a new mom (or mom-to-be) and I found a lot of comfort in their KindredMamas group as a new mom. You can find the group here.

Being a mom is tough, but finding maternity and postpartum clothes doesn’t have to be! Over the next couple of months, I’ll be sharing all of my favorite maternity and postpartum finds and you can bet it’ll include lots of Kindred Bravely gear. I am so grateful and excited to be partnered with this brand and because of that you can get 20% your first purchase when you order through my link: kindredbravely.com/MeredithH  (discount applied at checkout, some exclusions apply)! I hope you guys love this brand as much as I do! Happy Shopping!

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Discount Details: Discount applied at checkout. Some exclusions apply. Valid for one-time use on a single purchase, excluding taxes. Valid for first-time customers only. One redemption per new customer. One promotion or discount per order. Shipping charges may apply. Valid only in the US. Does not apply to gift cards, prior purchases, or in combination with other coupons. Discount applied to all qualifying items on a prorated basis. Any refunds will be given in the prorated amount.

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