My Two Cents on Being Induced for Baby #3

It’s Official: We’re on Baby Watch!

We had my 36 week appointment earlier this week and got to see Baby Girl via ultrasound for the last time before delivery. She’s estimated at 6 pounds and has some very long legs (might take after her Mama on that front). She’s officially “dropped” and head-down so she’s ready to go whenever she decides it’s time. We have a scheduled induction date in the next 3 weeks so we are anxiously waiting to see if she decides to stay put or make her way into the world a bit early. Either way, we have SO MUCH to do before her arrival!

We finally got to move into the new house two weeks ago (more on that here), and have been spending that time getting the kids rooms set up and unpacking most of our belongings. It’s been a bit of a challenge figuring out where everything is going since we start the remodel in the next few weeks, but having gone through the newborn stage a few times now, we know that as long as we have diapers (check), wipes (check), and food for baby (coming soon), we should be alright!

Between the chaos of moving, chasing two toddlers around, and distance from the hospital, we decided (with the input of our doctor) that scheduling a date for induction would be the best situation for welcoming our newest family member into the world. Induction can be a very intimidating idea for some expectant moms, and I can totally see why. There are all sorts of potential complications and scenarios that can make people uncomfortable with the idea of inducing labor. But after being induced with Emmie, talking with my doctors, and discussing it with AJ, the idea of a scheduled induction seemed to be the best plan for us.

And here’s 5 reasons why:

1. We have two other kids at home. Being able to have a way of figuring out childcare for our older kids ahead of time and having the ability to prepare them for this big life-change is really important for us. We are fortunate enough to have some very involved grandparents on both sides, but to also have our babysitters as back up is huge. Being able to schedule out when babysitters and grandparents are needed and when they’ll be able to switch off (let’s face it, toddlers are a handful and even the most experienced need a break here and there) is really important. On top of that, a new baby is a huge change for anyone, let alone a couple of toddlers. Being able to have a count down and a hard end date of when baby will arrive can help calm some of their uneasiness and prepare them for all this big change to their world.

2. Distance from the hospital. We live a solid 30-45 minutes away from the hospital where I’ll be delivering. With highway construction and traffic, the last thing we want to deal with is an emergency-in-the-car-delivery. I’ve been lucky in my previous labors in that they tend to progress quickly (and from what I’m told, the third comes even faster), but being so far away from the hospital gives me a lot of anxiety about making it there in time. The ability of being able to walk into the hospital comfortably as opposed to running in panicking, makes me feel a lot more confident and prepared to give birth.

3. We are in the midst of a remodel. We just bought a house, waited a month to move in, and now are beginning renovations where we’ve decided to update the kitchen, add a laundry room, build out a nursery (convenient timing, I know), and reconfigure the previous owner’s “bonus space addition” to create a master bedroom. With our house in pure chaos, it’s comforting to know when exactly we can expect little Caroline to arrive and deal with the construction accordingly.

4. It gives us a plan. I’m a planner and to be able to have a set plan of what to expect is important for me. Obviously we will be ready for her if she decides to come early (lets face it, we are on her schedule regardless), but having some sort of plan makes everything feel a lot more manageable.

5. I wanted it. Let’s be honest, having a set and scheduled end date makes the last few weeks a lot more manageable. Sure you have your due date. But you could go 2 weeks past that. Or two weeks before that. The lack of any sort of personal control is really difficult for me. But being able to have a date that you’re guaranteed to be done can help get you through those last few weeks with a little less stress (and if baby decides to head out a few days early, that’s all good too!). Pregnancy is tough. It’s a long process and takes a huge physical, mental, and emotional toll. And this pregnancy has proven to been really tough on my body. Having gone through it a few times now, I have found that the last few weeks are full of a roller coaster of emotions and googling every single ache and pain to see if you just might be going into labor. It’s a constant feeling of anticipation that honestly stresses me out way more than it should. So for me, having a hard date helps me feel a lot more in control and confident.

In regards to a delivery plan, I’ve always had the same one: go to the hospital and have a baby. When I was pregnant with Oliver people were so quick to tell me what I should or shouldn’t do in terms of delivery, and at times it was straight up rude! It’s honestly one of the most annoying things people do to expectant moms and I’m always the first to interrupt when someone starts giving their “advice” on a mom’s delivery plan. I’m a huge believer in everyone doing what’s best for them regardless of outside opinions. I’ve labored with an epidural and without. I’ve gone into labor naturally and I’ve been induced. Regardless of the process, I was blessed enough to leave the hospital each time not only with a healthy baby, but while also feeling strong and proud of what I had accomplished. Labor and delivery is a wild ride so do whatever you have to do to ensure that you and baby are comfortable (as you can be) and safe. I don’t think anything about it is glamorous, but there is some beauty in the fact that every woman’s birth experience is unique and incredible in its own way. It’s absolutely incredible what we are capable of and that’s something to be proud of.

36 Week Outfit Details

This has been my everyday ensemble for the past few weeks now. I am obsessed with Kindred Bravely’s maternity wear (you can check out this post for some of my favorites), and this PinkBlush Duster Cardigan is a staple that has taken me through previous pregnancies, postpartum, and beyond! It’s so soft and goes with everything, especially with these sneakers. These Steve Madden sneakers are comfy and easy to throw on which is ideal while in the late stages of pregnancy. You can find the links for everything below!




Tank Top

Nursing Bra

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