Toddler Schedule Breakdown

A few days ago, a girlfriend and I were talking about how we entertain our busy toddlers all day long as SAHMs. The mom guilt was hitting us with its full force. Neither one of us thought we were doing enough and we were hoping to get some new inspiration from each other for how to entertain the kids. It got me thinking about what our days actually look like, how we schedule our activities, and how we keep the kids busy throughout the day.

As we started to compare activities and our day-to-day schedule, it dawned on us that we have been doing really similar things! It was comforting to know that we weren’t alone in our struggle to entertain the kids. Mom guilt can be brutal. And knowing that there are other moms out there that are going through this same journey can be really reassuring during those moments of mom-doubt.

I wanted to share our schedule for the week (including all our Disney+ and Daniel Tiger breaks) as a helpful guide for any other moms who have been struggling to figure out what to do throughout their days as a SAHM. Some afternoons are just sitting on the couch watching movies which is just as great as sensory bins & nature walks!

We all “mom” differently and that’s something that really inspired me to start this blog. I love being inspired by other moms and seeing their ideas for how to keep the kids busy! Drop a comment below to let us know how you and the kids keep each other entertained all day long!

These schedules are what work best for us and for the ages of the kids. Oliver is 3.5 years old and Emmie just turned 2 years old. Adjust your schedules for whatever works best for your family!

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