Activity: Toddler Dino Dig

My parents have been in the process of remodeling their backyard and the kids have had a lot of fun exploring and helping with all the demo. They have an old planter box under their office window that they plan on turning into a patio area.

To keep the kids entertained and away from all the dangerous equipment my dad has back there right now, we told them they can dig through the old planter and search for dinosaur bones. They loved it! Sticks, rocks, old and broken pieces of toys, leaves, and more all became important parts of their dinosaurs. Seeing how much they enjoyed this mini activity inspired me to make another version of it for them to do back home.

Looking for a fun way to entertain your dino-obsessed toddler? Try this easy Dino Dig Activity and let me know how it goes for you!

What You’ll Need:

  • Dirt: Either fill a bun with some from the backyard, get a cheap bag from the garden store, or find a spot in the yard you don’t mind them digging in.
  • Random dinosaur toys, leaves, sticks, rocks, etc: Anything that can interest them and help encourage their imaginations. You’ll be surprised at how creative they can get with what they discover!
  • Diggers & Scoops: We used some plastic cups and small shovels at my parents house for the kids to dig. At our house, we used these cool sets I found on Amazon. They kids loved each having their own “Dino Dig Equipment”. Find set 1 HERE. Find set 2 HERE.
  • Bucket to collect all their finds. They’ll love dumping everything out and explaining everything they’ve found

The Breakdown:

  • If you decide to set up their dig in bins or plant some dino toys in their “dig space”, go ahead and get all that done first.
  • Then explain to them how the dig works and the possibility of everything they can find!
  • Now sit back and relax as their imaginations take over and they find all sorts of dinosaur bones!

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