Life Update

There are lots of fun things going on for us right now but before I dive into all that, I wanted to say thank you for all of the support and love that I’ve been receiving for Embrace the Chaos. What started out as a small passion project and outlet for me has turned into something so much more than I ever thought it would. So I wanted to say thank you! Thank you for reading my blog. For taking time out of your day to scroll through the posts and pictures. For all of the sweet comments and messages, and for just being here. As a young mom of two (and a half) trying to wing it through all the chaos that toddlerhood, motherhood, and life tends to dish out, it means so much to me to have all of your support and friendship. So, THANK YOU!

Now for the interesting stuff….

We sold our house! That’s right, our world just got a little more chaotic. With the crazy housing market in the North Bay, we decided to sell the house, move down to my in-laws for a bit, and look for our forever home! Packing up the first house we lived in together, the one we brought the kids home to, and where we have made some of the most amazing memories has definitely been hard (especially with all these extra hormones). There are so many wonderful things about our house that we are going to miss, but with another baby on the way and Ethel quickly catching up to Lucy in size, it is time to find something a little bigger to accommodate our growing family. Check back on the blog for more updates about our house-hunt!

On top of that, we recently found out we are expecting a GIRL! We are well into our second trimester of pregnancy and looking forward to welcoming Baby GIRL Hennessy this August! Emmie is so excited to have a baby sister and while Oliver is disappointed it’s not a brother to play baseball with, he’s optimistic that she’ll be willing to play the outfield for him. Since we will be adding another girl to the family, Oliver and Emmie will no longer be sharing a room and Emmie will have the baby move in with her once we get settled in a new place. As I’ve been packing up and taking apart their current room, it finally hit me that we are actually moving! Their room was probably my favorite room in our house. It was minimalistic and simple. I’ll be posting everything from their room to the blog in the next few weeks and adding more stuff for the girls’ room as we get situated in a new house. This baby certainly put me through the ringer during the first trimester, but luckily the second trimester has brought a lot of relief. With my Hyperemesis under control, a super attractive pelvic support belt (really great, you can get your own here lol) to help combat some SPD pain, and lots of happy hormones, I have actually been enjoying these past few weeks of pregnancy! Don’t get me wrong though, I cannot wait for her to finally make her way towards the exit!

The kids have been living in these Toy Story pjs! Find them here.
Between moving, pregnancy, speech classes, gymnastics, soccer practices, and preschool, life has gotten pretty chaotic around here and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Cheers!

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