A Shared Room for Siblings

I loved being able to have the kids share a bedroom. Not only was it easier on me to keep them together in one space and their toys in a separate room, but they loved being able to fall asleep together every night and being able to hear their little conversations was absolutely adorable. For their bedroom, I wanted to make it as simple as possible with as little distraction as I could. They hit a point during this shutdown where they were just full of energy at bedtime so being able to eliminate all distractions (toys, books, etc) was a huge help in getting them back on a sleep schedule.

We got them the same cribs when they were each born and they have been perfect for each stage of their lives so far. I really wanted a convertible crib for each one of them and being able to just switch out one of the sides with a toddler attachment was a huge bonus. Their bedding and cribs both came from Pottery Barn during a huge sale they were having so I was really excited to find everything at such a great discount! My mother-in-law found these letters on Etsy for Oliver when he was born so when we had Emmie, I ordered her a set of her own. They are huge and the perfect size to have up above their beds. I plan on getting another set for Baby Girl when she arrives too!

I used this basic white dresser from Target to store all of their pants, shorts, pjs, and undies. It was a great size to fit all their stuff while also doubling as a nightstand between the cribs. I put some of their bedtime books as well as their Hatch Light up on top of it (you can read more about our love of the Hatch Light here). I ordered these floating shelves from Amazon for a few of their favorite books which was perfect for the small wall next to their door. I also threw a couple baskets (also an Amazon purchase) at the foot of each of their beds for stuffed animals and extra blankets.

Like I said in my last post, the kids’ room was one of my favorites in our house and I had so much fun putting it together. I am so sad to be taking it apart, but I am so excited to be able to put together their new spaces in the new house!

Just so you know, by shopping through my links I receive a small commission from some of the brands I work with. Happy Shopping!

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