Mosaic Easter Art Project

Looking for an easy way to entertain your toddler with a festive art project? Here you go! We created our Mosaic East Art this afternoon when we were bored and doing some arts & crafts! I was trying to put together a few Easter themed art projects for the kids this week but today they were bouncing off the walls and I needed a minute to breathe! So to try and reel them back in for a bit of quiet time, I just threw a bunch of paper, Dab & Dot markers, and colored pencils on the table and hoped for the best!

After a few minutes of letting them have a free-for-all, Oliver was really wanting to use the glue stick and his new scissors. With my supervision, he cut up some pieces of construction paper and started gluing them together. I drew some outlines of eggs, the Easter Bunny, carrots, and Easter Baskets for him and Emmie and they had so much fun gluing all the scraps of paper on the outlines!

Pretty soon Emmie was helping Oliver by ripping up her own pile of paper and Oliver was loving showing off his cutting skills. They both loved gluing everything together and “helping” each other put glue on the spots they missed. It became a fun HOUR LONG ACTIVITY!

Not only was this a fun project that kept their attention for a while, but their artwork came out to be some perfect Easter cards to send to grandparents and great grandparents!

Super Easy Mosaic Easter Art For Toddlers:

What You’ll Need

  1. Construction Paper
  2. Kid-friendly scissors
  3. Glue stick
  4. Markers

The Breakdown:

  1. Draw an outline of Easter stuff like eggs, bunnies, etc (or download printable options here).
  2. With supervision, allow your child to cut up or rip up the construction paper.
  3. Let them glue their pieces of paper onto the outlines you drew!

Click through to see how our Mosaic Easter Art came out!

Happy Easter!

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