What They Wore: Fourth of July

With our lives starting to feel a little bit more normal, I’ve been able to get back to the blog! After a very long couple months, we are finally moving into the new house next week… but more on that can be found in this post.

To kick off one of my favorite holidays, I put together a round-up some of our favorite looks for this patriotic holiday! The kids had so much fun picking out some fun outfits to choose from and their final decision was no shock considering it was something matching!

We don’t really have any big plans to celebrate this year other than watching some fireworks and unpacking, but we will be sure to have a bunch of fun and festive activities to entertain the kids! Check back over the next few days for some festive and patriotic activities to entertain your little ones this 4th of July!

Emmie’s Options:

Oliver’s Options:

Their Decision:

Even with the holiday being a few days away, the kids still insisted on wearing their new outfits throughout the past week! Fourth of July or not, they are some pretty cute outfits!

Fun Fact: If you purchase something through my links, I may earn an affiliate commission from some of the brands I work with, at no extra cost to you. I only recommend things I genuinely love.

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