Earth Day Sensory Bin

Happy Earth Day! We decided to put together a fun sensory bin to celebrate Earth Day today. It was probably one of the easiest sensory bins so far! The kids and I spent some time outside earlier and did some exploring in their grandparents backyard. They have one of the most beautiful yards I’ve ever seen. It’s so lush and full of so many different flowers and plants. We had so much fun looking at all the different flowers and Emmie loved smelling every single one!

While we were exploring, I gave each of the kids a small bag to collect any leaves or flowers they found on the ground. We used these as the “toys” in our sensory bin! It was a great way to explore outside, learn a little bit about nature, and entertain some busy toddlers! They found sticks, shavings from tree trunks, acorns, bark, all different flowers, grass, and so much more! We threw it all into their sensory bin and they loved it! It was so much fun to watch them show each other what they found and explain what they thought each thing was.

Have fun exploring nature and building your own sensory bin with your kids this Earth Day!

What You Need:

The Breakdown:

Have fun exploring the backyard or taking a walk around the neighborhood. Let your kids find a few things to add to their bins along the way! Throw in you Rainbow Rice, add your nature discoveries, and have fun!

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