Carrot Feet Art Project

Oliver has a weird thing about his feet. Anytime we have a sensory bin out he always tries to put his feet in it. When he’s outside, he never keeps his shoes on. Puddles? He’s splashing around in them barefoot. I’m not entirely sure why he loves it but he does! So when we started this Carrot Feet Project, he was stoked! Painting his feet? Best day ever for him. These came out super cute and I wish I had made more with them to hang on the “art wall” in their playroom for Easter! They also make pretty cute Easter cards for grandparents!

What You’ll Need:

  • Cardstock
  • Orange Paint
  • Orange Construction Paper
  • Green Construction Paper
  • Scissors & Glue/Tape

The Breakdown:

  1. Paint the bottom of your child’s feet orange and help them make a footprint on the cardstock.
  2. While the footprint is drying, help them cut strips of green construction paper.
  3. Once the footprint is dry, cut out around it in the shape of the foot. Cut the orange construction paper in the same shape, just a little bit bigger.
  4. Help your child tape or glue your child’s footprint to the orange construction paper.
  5. Help your child tape or glue the strips of green construction paper to the backside of the orange construction paper.
  6. Enjoy your little one’s tiny Carrot Footprint!

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