Toys We Love: Little People Caring for Animals Farm Set

I love all the Little People toys for the kids. They hold up against their rough and rowdy play and they’re the perfect size for their little hands! They have so many different toys, people, trucks, animals, vehicles, and more so the kids will never go bored. They are a great way to foster their creativity and encourage their imagination. Plus, they are great in themed Sensory Bins!

We got the Little People Play Barn for Oliver for his first Christmas. It was adorable! The little animals, the farmer, the fun music and sounds captured his attention instantly. It quickly became one of his favorite toys! It gave him hours of entertainment and even helped to teach him a few animal sounds. The various “discovery buttons” encouraged him to discover all the different fun this toy has to offer. From the sounds and songs, to the automatic doors to each stall, and the flashing lights, it has so many ways of catching your little one’s attention!

This toy set has so many cool features! It comes with Farmer Jed, who works hard to explain to the kids how he cares for each animal. From feeding the chickens corn from the silo, to tucking in the cow and her little calf at night, there’s so much for your little helper to do! Your toddler can also help Farmer Jed feed the horse her apples and the pig his corn. When your child presses the main discovery button, they’ll love all the animal sounds, catchy songs, and Farmer Jed’s commentary. Once they open the door to the hayloft, they can put things down it to hear more fun sounds and songs! Oliver loves to spin the corn silo and watch the corn fly around inside while Emmie loves “hatching” the baby chicks up next to the chicken’s nest using the second discovery button.

This toy is great for little kids, not only for the creativity and imaginative aspects, but also because of all the small motor and sensory encouragement. Children can push buttons, open and close doors, and also wiggle animals into each stall while playing. With the flashing lights, songs, sounds, and different areas to explore, it offers a wide variety of sensory exploration and discovery. It also fosters their sense of compassion and responsibility because of Farmer Jed’s encouragement to care for each animal. They’ll love caring for their new little friends and help make sure they are getting the attention they would need!

Overall, this toy is a great addition to any playroom. Between all the developmental and sensory encouragement, it’s a great way to show how much kids can learn and grow through play. From babies into toddlerhood it has been a great toy that has offered consistent entertainment and fun for my kids, and I’m sure yours will love it too! You can find it on Amazon here.

Just so you know, by shopping through my links I receive a small commission from some of the brands I work with. Happy Shopping!

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