5 Products That Will Make Spring Cleaning a Breeze

I’m not sure if its because we’ve been cooped up in the house for the past year or if it’s just me going crazy with toddlers, but Spring Cleaning cannot come soon enough! I’ve rounded up my favorite cleaning products that make keeping my house (somewhat) cleaned up and can fight off the toughest dog and toddler messes!

Cleaning Supplies I Can’t Live Without:

  1. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers: These guys are amazing! I mean they can get rid of anything: food, sharpie, dog slobber, mud, grease, you name it. I use them on the walls, stove, oven, in the bathrooms, baseboards, and even to clean our grout. They are honestly the best things to have on hand especially with toddlers and slobbery dogs. I have them as well as the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Sheets on a subscription order through Prime.
  2. Method All Purpose Cleaner (and Bathroom Cleaner!): Not only is the smell amazing but this stuff also leaves my counters with that squeaky-clean feeling. I’m a big fan of the Method brand because not only do they smell great but they also have antibacterial options, are made of naturally derived ingredients, and its safe to use around pets.
  3. E-Cloth Window Microfiber Cloth: I was influenced by Jen Reed of Sister Studio (check her out on Instagram, she’s awesome!) when it came to this purchase. With two English Mastiffs, there is no shortage of drool in our house and our windows show it allllll. I was searching for a cleaning product that would combat even the toughest of slobbery window messes without leaving the window cloudy or streaky. I saw Jen reviewing these cloths on an InstaStory one day and figured why not give them a try. It was the best decision ever! Just add water and watch your mess disappear!
  4. Steam Mop: I am embarrassed to admit that I had no idea these were a thing until last year. But now I can’t live without it! It’s so simple: you just add water, turn it on, and start mopping. It’s instant gratification and my floors are finally easy to keep up with. No more muddy paw prints or foot prints! It comes with so many attachments so I can steam clean literally any area of the house, carpets too!
  5. Roomba: Everyone knows about these vacuuming robots, but if you have pets and kids this thing is a lifesaver! Fortunately our dogs are great vacuums when it comes to food messes but before we got a Roomba we were drowning in dog hair no matter how often I swept or vacuumed it up. With the press of a button the dog hair is gone! It’s a serious game changer.

What are some of your favorite cleaning products? I’m always looking for new ways to keep up with the messes the kids and dogs leave me with, so let me know in the comments!

Happy Cleaning!

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