Porch Session Recap: May 2020

It’s absolutely nuts to me that we are months into this “shelter in place” order. Days are feeling longer and we’ve been going a little stir crazy. I’ve been trying to figure out ways to break up our days and when I heard that a local photographer had been doing porch photo sessions, I asked her to come by. 

With Oliver running down the street, Emmie dripping in ice cream, the dogs whining from inside to come out, and AJ trying to keep his cool, I couldn’t help but laugh at us. Even though we were a mess, (and a tad embarrassing) I laughed! All the uncertainties and anxieties about what’s going on in the world melted away and I was left staring at my kids melting down and my husband starting at me with a “wtf is going on” face. 

My husband is a big history guy and he has mentioned a few times about how insane it its that we are living through such an unprecedented situation that will be in history books. Someday, when my grandkids ask me about living through this pandemic, I don’t know what exactly I’ll say to them… but I am going to be able to show them how even in the midst of fear and uncertainty, we were able to find some fun, laughter, and normalcy. Even if it was just a few moments of an ice cream fueled meltdown, captured by a friend-of-a-friend from her car, it was just what we needed. 

A HUGE shoutout to Jessica Rowland Photography for her incredible patience and for capturing these moments of chaos. 

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