Easy Valentine’s Day Cards for Preschoolers

The countdown to Valentine’s Day is officially in its final few days and to get the kids in a festive mood, we decided to make Valentine’s for Oliver’s classmates! This is his first Valentine’s Day in school so he was definitely excited to decorate this own cards. Some construction paper, stickers, a few treats and we were ready to roll! 

Since he was so excited, I let him pick out the little treats we would add to his cards. We made a quick trip to Target and he decided on some Hersey’s Kisses, Annie’s Friends Bunny Grahams, stickers, and some small bubbles (because who doesn’t love bubbles?). I found some awesome little sealable treat bags so everything would stay together while he “delivered” his Valentine’s around the classroom. The card itself was super simple and easy to put together. Obviously scissors aren’t really his forte (plus I’m already running low on sanity) so I did the cutting and he did the taping and added some stickers. While he was taste testing, I filled the bags… teamwork makes the dream work! 

Looking for some easy Valentine’s cards for your little guy’s (or gal’s) classmates? Look no further! Here’s the breakdown of our simple and fun little Valentine’s Day treats!

The Supplies:

- Construction Paper (we used red and metallic silver)
- Scissors
- Tape
- Valentine’s themed stickers
- Black marker
- Hersey’s Kisses
- Annies Friends Bunny Grahams
- Mini Bubbles
- Sealable Treat Bags
The Breakdown:

Step 1: Cut your RED construction paper into 4 rectangles/squares (so that they fit into the bags). Do the same with your Metallic Silver paper. Then cut out a heart in the center of each RED square. Help your little one tape the Silver paper to the back of each RED square.

Step 2: Let your little one decorate the card with whatever stickers they want! Oliver used some animals and lots of hearts. We used the heart cutout as a little pocket to hold the leftover stickers to give his classmates. Be sure to write your Valentine’s Day message before putting the card into the sealable bag.

Step 3: Add all your treats and snacks into the bag and seal it up. Simple as that! 

We want to see your Valentine’s Day cards too! Send a picture over Instagram or right here in the comments!

Happy Valentine’s Day from our chaos to yours! 

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