Valentine’s Day Sensory Bins

The kids have always been big fans of sensory bins. They’re easy to put together, relatively cheap, and open-ended enough for them to really explore and develop their imaginations and creativity. With Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought it would be fun to put together a few different Valentine’s themed sensory bins for them to explore throughout the week. Both kids have loved them and they’re a great cure for boredom in quarantine! With Oliver being in school a few days a week, it’s been extra fun to watch Emmie freely explore and play without any interference from her big brother. Like I said, these bins are super easy and inexpensive to put together so they’re perfect for any mom to throw together for some easy entertainment! 

We made two different versions but the possibilities here are really endless. We have a lot of Kinetic Sand (which I highly recommend getting because it is so cool) but I didn’t have any in pink or red so I decided to use some craft sand in one bin and rice in another. Luckily the kids liked it all just the same. My personal preference is the Kinetic Sand to the craft sand, but only because it cleans up so much easier. I used a lot of stuff I already had (thanks to Amazon) but of course a quick trip to Target or the Dollar Tree never hurts! I cant stress the convenience of laying down a garbage bag or disposable tablecloth (Dollar Tree always has them). It controls the mess and makes clean up a breeze! 

Here’s the breakdown:

- Garbage Bag
- Small container with lid
- The Filling: Kinetic Sand / Uncooked White Rice / Kids Craft Sand
- Heart shaped toys (I got these from Amazon)
- Heart shaped cookie cutters (again, thanks Amazon)
- Anything Valentine’s themed that you want to add to make it more festive
- Funnel and small cup
- Small measuring spoons or other “scoops” 
Set Up
Lay out your garbage bag and tape it to wherever you’re setting up. Sometimes we do the table other times its easier to just do it on the floor. Get a large container with a lid (that way you can throw the lid on for easy and mess free storage in between uses). Then throw in your filling. Add your toys, hearts, scoops, etc. Finally, sit back and relax while your little ones explore and play! When you’re done, just fold up the garbage bag and toss in the garbage. Throw the lid on the container to avoid any spills or messes in between uses!  

I hope this activity works for you and your littles! It’s so easy and they love it! Plus it gives mom a chance to relax for a bit!


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