What They Wore

The kids love dressing themselves so letting them choose their outfits on holidays is something that’s not only fun, but hysterical! This year I’ve decided to give them a few different options instead of just letting them go crazy. This gives me somewhat of a say in what they wear. Pick your battles, am I right?! 

Oliver’s Options:

Mr. Irresistible (Target)

I’m with Cupid (Old Navy)

Elmo Heart Throb (Old Navy)

Emmie’s shoes are one of my favorite Target finds for kids shoes. They are not only cute, but so easy to throw on in a hurry. Oliver’s shoes are our favorite Amazon find EVER. They are easy to get on and off, come in tons of colors, and super durable! 

Thank God for Target Drive-Up because after quite a bit of deliberation, both kids decided on the Target finds! I’ve linked everything above in case you’re like me and forget about holidays until the last minute!

 Happy Valentine’s Day! 

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