Our Lucky Breakfast Rainbow

My kids go back and fourth about eating breakfast. From whale shaped pancakes to sprinkles in their yogurt to our DIY Cereal Bar, I try all sorts of wacky and fun ways to get them to take a little interest. If there’s one thing that they love, it’s donuts and cereal. So when I saw a few moms posting about these fun Breakfast Rainbows on Instagram I figured why not give it a try!

These Breakfast Rainbows are cute, tasty, and fun for the kids to put together. All you need are a few pipe cleaners, FrootLoops, some powdered donuts and you’re good to go!

I stuck one side of the pipe cleaners into one of the powdered donuts and put out a bowl of FrootLoops. The kids had fun matching the colors of the FrootLoops to the pipe cleaners all by themselves. I helped them stick the other side of the pipe cleaners to another donut and bend it into the shape of a rainbow. They not only had a fun little art project this morning but they also loved their breakfast!

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