Activity: St. Patrick’s Day Sensory Bin

Another fun sensory bin for the win! We set up this bin last week and the kids have been loving it. I had some St. Patrick’s Day party supplies from last year so I tossed those into our rice bin and called it a day. I got to enjoy a hot cup of coffee and the kids were entertained for almost a half hour!

Whenever we set up a sensory bin, I always let the kids pick whichever base they want to use. I have a few different colors of kinetic sand, some beans, and a whole bunch of rice. For these bins, they opted for rice and green kinetic sand. They used their funnels and scoops more with the rice (or beans) than with the kinetic sand so they were a little more inclined to add all their supplies into that bin. The kinetic sand was still out and still very entertaining, but they played more with the rice this time around.

Here’s all you need for a fun and festive sensory bin for your little leprechauns!


The Breakdown:

  1. Throw your base into the bin.
  2. Add any and all toys and scoops you want.
  3. Enjoy your hot coffee while your little one explores and plays!

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