Baby Announcement Ideas

I had so much fun coming up with different ideas for how to tell our family and friends about the latest addition to our family! From onesies and big sibling t-shirts, to curated photos and flat-lays, to copies of ultrasounds, the possibilities are endless! I love seeing how creative our friends have gotten with their own announcements and it makes for great inspiration. However, chasing two toddlers while battling Hyperemesis made for a huge lack of creativity. I knew how I wanted to tell AJ (you can read about that attempt here), but I wasn’t sure how exactly we wanted to tell the grandparents. I loved the idea of getting some onesies that were similar to the one I had planned on giving AJ for Christmas. After everything we went through in 2020, I wanted to do something for our parents that would be sure to lift their spirits too. Since Christmas was just around the corner, I figured it might be the perfect little Christmas present! I ordered the onesies with their “grandparent names” (see the pictures below!) and a cute handmade ornament from a friend. Super easy, cute, and fun! Best of all, the grandparents LOVED it.

Here’s a list of some other cute and fun baby announcements that were too cute not to share!


I loved being able to personalize the onesies that we got for the grandparents. I know my dad spent the majority of my first pregnancy taking Facebook polls and general surveys from family and friends to come up with his perfect “grandpa” name, so to be able to get him something that was this personal was great! I couldn’t resist the “COVID” themed onesie. It was just too funny after this year!

“Hello Daddy/Grandparents” & “Proof Quarantine Wasn’t That Boring”

Big Sibling Shirts:

My kids are obsessed with babies. So when they found out they were getting their own, they were ecstatic! WE actually used these shirts to tell my grandma we were expecting! The kids love wearing them and love showing them off.

Rainbow Baby Flat-Lay:

With this little one being our own special “rainbow” baby, I originally wanted to do something similar to this flat-lay. I scoured Etsy (again, my own creativity is lacking these days) and stumbled upon HunnyPrints. All of their work is not only creative, but incredibly cute and the exact look I was going for. Plus its all totally customizable!

Find it HERE.

Letter Board Flat-lay:

Another ADORABLE announcement by HunnyPrints! I really like how all their stuff is customizable and you’re able to edit to fit what you need. The aesthetic of their pictures are so cute!

A Furry Sibling:

As someone who considers their dogs a huge part of the family, I couldn’t resist looking up some cute ways to inccorperate them in our announcement! These are not only adorable, but so so funny!

Loved this announcement I found on Pinterest! More furry sibling ideas here

Adding A Sibling:

It’s always fun to include the big siblings to be and to help make them feel a little special in this exciting time! When we were announcing our pregnancy with Emmie, we decided to play off the season (Fall) and “add another pumpkin to our patch”! Oliver also loved getting some new books from his future Baby Sis!

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It’s so much fun to find creative ways to celebrate your upcoming baby! It’s even more fun to see all the different ways friends have announced. What ways have you announced a pregnancy? Drop a comment below!

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