And then there were FIVE…

After a very long few months, I am so excited to announce that we are expecting BABY #3! After wanting to expand our little family for a little while, it feels so good to finally be able to say we are pregnant! 2020 was rough for our family (you can read more about that here) and after months of stressing out, I finally decided to stop thinking so much and let whatever God had in store take its course. And much to my surprise, I found out we were pregnant a few weeks later!

All the Feelings

I’ve wanted to tell the world since the second I saw that positive test. But after the losses we dealt with last year, there was a lot of anxiety surrounding these results. In a time where I would have normally been over the moon excited, I was facing feelings of denial, sadness, and anticipation of what could go wrong. It was almost as if I wasn’t allowing myself to fully accept that this was actually happening. I felt guilty for not being excited and when I did start to feel excited, I felt guilty for getting my hopes up. I’m sure I was subconsciously guarding myself from any more pain and heartache, but between the hormones and stress I was a mess of emotions. I had already started getting morning sickness (I’ll dive deeper into that fun story later this week), couldn’t stay awake during the day, and still in denial. However, after a solid 10 days and 5 tests later, I actually called for my first prenatal appointment. By then, I was already 6 weeks into it! It finally hit me when I was laying in her office watching the little blob of what would eventually become our baby floating around. Cue all the waterworks.

An Attempted Surprise

I got my first positive pregnancy test towards the end of November. AJ and I usually celebrate our own Christmas on Christmas Eve since we spend Christmas Day visiting both our families. I ordered a “Hi Daddy” onesie from Etsy and decided to give that to him with a copy of the first ultrasound on Christmas Eve. After a few days and a few more positive tests, I’m not sure if it was the mood swings, the morning sickness, or the tests in the trash, but he figured it out! We were making dinner and he called me out for not being able to keep secrets from him and nonchalantly asked me how far along I was. It didn’t even cross my mind and I just started explaining how it was so weird how early I was experiencing all my symptoms. He started laughing and then it hit me. Long story short, I can’t keep a secret from him even when I try.

What in the World Comes Next?

Pregnancy is crazy. Honestly, there is no other way to describe it. What happens to one person may or may not happen to another. And it is incredible how drastically pregnancies can differ from one to the next. With Oliver I had very few issues. I had your typical morning sickness for the first few weeks, smooth sailing through the second trimester, a pretty easy third trimester, but was met with some fun kidney stones that left me hospitalized for a week at the end. His labor was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. I walked into the hospital at 8.5cm not realizing the excruciating pain I had been experiencing all night was in fact labor. He was a quick delivery and a relatively easy baby. Emmie was a whole different level. I was diagnosed with Hyperemesis gravidarum at 16 weeks after losing almost 30 pounds from what they kept telling me was normal morning sickness. That came with weekly home visits from nurses to administer fluids and anti-nausea medications since I couldn’t even keep down water. After a few weeks the medications turned all that around and I gained back all that weight and then some. While the sickness never fully stopped, I was able to keep more food down (hence the weight gain lol). I had no idea that my water broke while folding laundry so I packed up Oliver and drove down to my OB’s to see why I couldn’t stop peeing. AJ met me in the delivery room less than 30 minutes later and a few hours later she was here. Now, I have no idea what this one has in store for us. The beginning felt just like my pregnancy with Oliver, however it quickly shifted more towards my pregnancy with Emmie when I was I was diagnosed with Hyperemesis gravidarum again 6 weeks in. If you don’t know about Hyperemesis gravidarum, I’ll be sharing a post about that in the next few weeks.

Overall, this pregnancy has been met with such a wide range of emotions. From denial and fear to overwhelming joy and excitement, I cannot wait to welcome this little one into our lives. Who knows what’s in store for us, but I can assure you that this new addition is sure to bring a whole lot more chaos!

I’ll be posting my “First Trimester Review” in the next few days so drop me any questions you have about it below!

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