Top 5 Products for the First Trimester

I always have a pretty rough first trimester and a lot of other pregnant women I know do too. Between morning sickness, your body beginning to change, and the excitement of everything to come, theres a lot going on! To try and take away a little bit of the stress, here’s my list of favorite products for surviving the first trimester!

Fun fact: Shopping through some of my links provides me with a small commission from the brand. Happy Shopping!

Water-Intake Tracking Water Bottle

I suck at drinking water. It’s just something I can never remember to do and leaves AJ continually baffled as to how his wife doesn’t have this basic human instinct (his words, not mine). We had a family friend send us a couple of these water bottles a few months into quarantine and I love them! They are slim, cute, and (as weird as it sounds) super effective in reminding me to keep up on my water intake. I love that it comes with a cover and strap so it’s easy to take on the go. Plus it’s spill proof!

Find it here.

Pedialyte Pops

Morning sickness happens to the best of us and sometimes even water is a struggle to keep down! I found these a few years ago when Oliver had the flu for the first time. After a few weeks of not being able to keep much down, I had grabbed one out of the freezer in a very desperate attempt to put some sort of liquid back into my body after being so sick while pregnant with Emmie. While I can’t say they cured my dehydration completely, I can say they helped make me feel a little better! I had Hyperemesis with both this pregnancy and Emmie’s so that required a lot more than just some pedialyte. However, for your average case of morning sickness, these should be a big help!

Find them here.

Stretchy Pants

While you won’t be growing a full-blown bump right off the bat, your body will definitely start getting a little bigger so you might want to find some comfy pants with a little extra room. I stumbled upon Kindred Bravely (link to their website here) a few months ago when doing some late night Instagram scrolling. Since I was already starting to feel my bras and leggings getting tight, I figured why not try out a pair of leggings and a comfy bra! I ended up ordering their Stella Nursing & Postpartum Support Crop Leggings (unfortunately they’ve gone out of stock) and I love them! The material is so soft and the fit is flattering, too! Even though they’re technically postpartum leggings, I loved that they covered a bit of my growing belly without being too tight. The fact that they have been able to grow with me throughout this pregnancy so far has been great and I’m excited to see how they fit postpartum! Here is a link for some of their other styles I’m planning on getting in the next few months before delivery (it’s a bundle which makes it an amazing deal)!

Comfy Bras

Another fun body change early on and another win for Kindred Bravely (link to their website here)! I loved the fact that I was easily able to order a bra (or two!) online without having to be worried about whether or not it would fit. With Kindred Bravely’s “Fit Quiz” they were able to match me to my perfect size and fit! I’m naturally pretty busty and having already had a few kids I was definitely in need of something that was not only comfortable, but supportive. Their French Terry Racerback Nursing & Sleep Bra is amazing! It’s soft, supportive, and comfy. I don’t feel uncomfortable by the end of the day like a lot of the other nursing and pregnancy bras I’ve tried in the past. It’s everything I needed and I’m excited to use it postpartum for nursing (let’s be honest, I’ll be pumping) and purely just for comfort!

Prenatal Vitamin

There are so many prenatal vitamins out there and to be completely honest, I didn’t really do much research on them in my first pregnancy. I grabbed whatever looked “healthiest” on the shelf and called it a day. Looking back, not my best idea but I was so busy worrying about everything else going on in my world, that I hardly even took them! With Emmie I was pretty stressed out about how sick I was so I researched allllll the vitamins to make sure I was getting the most nutrients to her even though I wasn’t able to keep much down. I found these Nature Made Prenatal Vitamins and they’ve been great! They’re available on Amazon so I was able to put them on a subscription order so I’ll never have to remember to grab them at the market when I’m running low. I have really liked these during my last pregnancies and so far they’ve been working out during the first half of this pregnancy!

Find them here.

Between morning sickness and your changing body, there is a lot your body goes through in the first trimester of pregnancy! Hopefully this survival roundup helps ease the craziness of your first trimester!

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