Top 5 Products for Surviving Hyperemesis

The first trimester is tough. You’re exhausted, hormonal, and anxious for everything to come in the next few months. A few lucky moms-to-be make it through the first trimester with little to no morning sickness. But for 3% of moms-to-be, that’s just not the case. That 3% of moms battle intense nausea, vomiting, and extreme weight loss in not only their first few weeks of pregnancy, but also throughout their second and third trimesters. They’re eventually diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarum. According to the HER Foundatation, HG is defined as a “potentially life-threatening pregnancy disease that may cause weight loss, malnutrition, dehydration, and debility due to severe nausea and/or vomiting, and may cause long-term health issues for mother and baby(ies)”. It’s exhausting, debilitating, and can leave you feeling helpless and defeated.

Personally, I’ve lost between 25-35 pounds in the first trimester of two of my pregnancies because of this condition. Between IV hydration sessions and anti-nausea medications, it’s a condition that not only affects your physical health, but makes a huge impact on your mental health as well. I found myself constantly feeling depressed and anxious. I had a lot of guilt around the fact that basic tasks left me completely exhausted and I had little to no energy to play with the kids. And it took me some time to feel comfortable using medications to combat it. Fortunately, having been through this before, I was a little more prepared for what to expect and how to handle it early on this time around!

After dealing with Hyperemesis a few times, I’ve learned how to alleviate some of the symptoms so I can continue to be present in my day to day life. If you’re dealing with Hyperemesis I hope this list helps you find a little bit of relief!

My Top 5 Products for Surviving Hyperemesis:

IV Hydration & Intake Tracking Water Bottle

I shared this awesome intake tracking water bottle yesterday in my Top 5 Products for the First Trimester post and couldn’t resist sharing it again! This water bottle helps you keep track of how much water you’re drinking which is a great way to try to combat dehydration through Hyperemesis. You can find it here.

IV Hydration is an easier way to stay hydrated, especially if you have a hard time keeping down water. There are mobile IV services all over the country so a quick Google search can help pair you with a company near you!

Preggie Pop Lollipops & Pedialyte Pops

These Preggie Pop Lollipops are great for keeping the feeling of nausea at bay. I was a fan of the ginger flavor (a natural combatant for nausea) and helped me find some short-term relief throughout the day. Find them here.

These Pedialyte Pops were also helpful in keeping some liquids down and find some temporary relief from nausea (read more about how I used those during my first trimester here). Find them here.


I found that the best way to start to feel a little more normal was after a long nap. With toddlers running around it’s not easy to get the rest you need, especially during this time! I love this sleep mask I got from Bump Box at the beginning of my pregnancy and use it all the time! Not only is it incredibly soft, but it also keeps out any light so you are guaranteed to get the quality sleep you need.

You can find the Bump Box here. They are an awesome gift for moms at any point in their pregnancy journey!

Hospital Grade Throw-Up Bags

If you know, you know. Even for mild cases of morning sickness these are always nice to have on hand. I kept some in the car, my purse, and around the house just in case! Find them here.

Prescriptions & Medications

Medications might not be for everyone and I encourage you to discuss any medications you take with your doctor while pregnant. I tried all sorts of remedies for dealing with Hyperemesis. From a B6/Unisom combo, to Bonjesta, to Zofran, I feel like I tried everything and anything people recommended. I was finally able to find total relief with Bonjesta. Bonjesta is a morning sickness medication that is fast-acting and long-lasting. You can find more info on their website here.

Have you dealt with severe morning sickness or Hyperemesis, too? Let me know how you found relief by dropping a comment below!

Fun fact: Shopping through some of my links provides me with a small commission from the brand. Happy Shopping!

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