Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Toddlers

Growing up we always spent Easter at a family house down in Aptos with a bunch of my cousins. That week on the beach gave me memories that I love and will cherish for a lifetime. We always had so much fun splashing in the freezing water, climbing the cliffs around the beach, watching for sharks (there were always a few nearby), and pampering my Grandma with unlimited spa days. As we started getting older, my cousin and I were put in charge of the Egg Hunt for all the younger cousins. We loved coming up with different rhymes and riddles to hide in all the eggs for a scavenger hunt. And the younger kids loved it!

Our family will be spending Easter at the lake house this year. We recently started explaining to the kids that we’ll be moving soon so Oliver is very concerned about Santa and the Bunny finding us at our new house. We decided to write a letter to the Easter Bunny so that they know we will be heading up to the lake so he knows where to find us. I am pretty excited to see how the kids react to the Bunny finding them up there! Since there isn’t any grassy area for your typical egg hunt, we decided to figure out some new fun ways to do an egg hunt for the kids!

Keep reading for some fun Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for your little ones!

The Classic Easter Egg Hunt:

This is your traditional, classic Easter Egg Hunt. You probably woke up to it every Easter Morning as kids and were excited to grab every egg you could see on your lawn in the backyard! For this hunt, just grab a bunch of plastic eggs, fill with some candy or chocolates, and put all over the lawn and hidden in a few spots around the yard (or house). You can find plastic eggs in bulk here.

The Balloon Egg Hunt:

The kids LOVE balloons. We decided to set this egg hunt up (weather permitting) for the kids so that they can have the excitement of Easter and the balloons! We plan on taping a few balloons to the plastic eggs and putting them all along the deck and dock for the kids to find when they wake up. They love the Annie’s Gummies (find them here) so I plan on putting those in the eggs, plus they’re bunnies so that makes them pretty festive for Easter!

Colorful Egg Hunt:

I think this hunt is a fun way to incorporate their knowledge of colors into Easter morning. Find some plastic eggs that are your child’s favorite color and hind them throughout your yard or house. Since we have Oliver and Emmie, I would grab Pink and Green eggs for them to find. Explain that the Bunny left each of them their own eggs and they get to find their own color eggs!

Scavenger Easter Egg Hunt:

This was one of my favorite ways to put on an Egg Hunt as a kid! It was so fun to come up with some creative and funny rhymes and riddles for the kids. The excitement and surprise when they found and opened each clue was so fun to watch, especially when they were able to find their baskets! All you have to do is get a few plastic eggs and write out a few different clues for each egg. Hide the eggs around the house (make sure the clues in each egg lead the kids to the location of the next clue) and have fun watching the kids follow the clues all the way to their Easter Baskets!

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