Baskets on a Budget

When looking around for some fun things to add to the kids Easter Baskets, I was blown away by how quickly it all added up! I figured since they grow out of things so quickly and tend to play pretty rough and dirty, I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on basket fillers. So I challenged myself to find some quality basket fillers on a budget!

The past few years I’ve made a list of the things we add to their baskets:

  1. Something to Wear/PJs
  2. Something for Swim (swimsuit, goggles, pool toys, etc)
  3. Book (Easter themed or something they are interested in at the time)
  4. Small Toy (or small item they are interested in)
  5. Something to Play (like a small game or activity or puzzle)

So with that list in hand and my budget in mind, I set off to Target and Amazon to find some fun Easter Basket fillers!

PJs – $12

PJs are always easy to throw into any basket and with the rate these kids are growing, they’re always in need of a new pair! I loved these matching one from Target for only $12! Find them here.

Swimsuits – $8

With Summer right around the corner, I’m excited to be able to get the kids swimming lessons this year! I found these suits at Target (Emmie’s was only $8!!) and loved the bright colors and fun pattern! Find Emmie’s here & Oliver’s here.

Books – $5

I love adding Easter books to their baskets! You can find an entire round up of our favorite Easter books here. We love Spot books and I’m excited to add “It’s Not Easy Being a Bunny” to our collection! Find “Spot’s Easter Surprise” here (only $4!!) & “It’s Not Easy Being a Bunny” here (only $6).

Toys – $3

For both kids, I got these bubbles from Target. Oliver loves baseball right now so we added a pack of baseball cards and got Emmie a small stuffed puppy since she loves dogs right now. Find the bubbles here & the puppy here.

Games – $5

The kids have really liked putting puzzles together lately and I have enjoyed the few moments of peace while I drink my coffee! I found this set of three puzzles at Target and figured they’d be the perfect addition! Plus, its a great deal: 4 puzzles for $5! Find them here.

Fun fact: Shopping through some of my links provides me with a small commission from the brand. Happy Shopping!

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